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The taste of chaat-pakodas fails in front of this Mathri of Sattu! Make it once, eat it for a month – India TV Hindi

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Sattu’s wife

Sattu ki mathri recipe: If you prepare Sattu Mathri, you can eat it for a long time. In fact, this Mathri is so tasty that you will eat it every time with tea and will not be able to enjoy its taste. Apart from this, even if someone comes to your house, you can include it in tea and breakfast. While making Sattu Mathri, you have to keep in mind that do not add anything in it which will spoil it quickly. So, let us know the easy way to make Sattu Mathri and then we will know how to store it.

How to make Sattu Mathri?

To make Sattu Mathri, first of all you have to prepare Sattu and after that you can prepare flour for Mathri. So,

-To prepare Sattu masala, crush garlic and ginger.
-Then cook green chillies, garlic and ginger in mustard oil.
-After this, all you have to do is take Sattu and mix mustard oil with green chillies, garlic and ginger in it.
-Now grind black pepper and mix it.
-Add celery, black salt, salt and pickle masala on top.
-Now mix it well with the help of hands.
-Just remember not to add onion and lemon to it.

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long lasting snacks

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Prepare Mathri flour like this

Now take flour and add some oil, salt and baking soda to it. Add a little Kasoori Methi and then mix the flour well. While mixing, add water to it, knead it and prepare its dough.

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Now make small balls of this dough and fill them like you fill kachoris. Just its size should be small. After this fry it in hot oil. After frying, keep it aside in baking paper. When it cools down a bit, keep it sealed in an air tight container. So, this way your Sattu Mathri is ready. You can also eat it hot and later have it with tea.

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