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There is a tradition of applying this special paste on Roop Chaudas.

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Naraka Chaturdashi 2023: There is a tradition of using Ubtan in many states of India on Roop Chaudas i.e. Narak Chaturdashi. It is believed that this day can enhance your appearance and help you in getting a healthy skin. In such a situation, on Roop Chaudas i.e. Narak Chaturdashi, you can apply Ubtan on your face, a tradition that has been going on since the time of your grandmothers. The special thing is that you do not need to work very hard to make this ubtan. Just make it from these things kept in your house and then use it for your skin.

How to make Ubtan on Roop Chaudas?

To make this special ubtan on Roop Chaudas, first take gram flour and then add some turmeric to it. After this, add rose water, a little milk and some sandalwood to it. Then prepare everything like a boil. Then mix this paste and apply it on your face, hands, legs and back. After some time, if it starts drying, then mix a little water in your hands and clean your face with it. After that clean your hands and feet also. After this, clean your face, hands and feet with cold water.

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Benefits of applying this paste

1. Great cleanser

This Ubtan is like an excellent cleanser which can be used to remove many of your skin problems. It first opens the skin pores and then provides nourishment to the face from within. It clears the blemishes and spots on your face and then lightens the complexion. In this way it helps in getting a clean and glowing skin.

skin care tips

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skin care tips

The water of this fruit can make the spots and blemishes on the face disappear, the skin will become smooth like ghee.

2. Beneficial for skin

This boil is beneficial for the skin in many ways. Apart from being anti-bacterial, it is also full of anti-inflammatory properties which can help in eliminating many skin problems. It can help in clearing not only acne but also freckles in your skin. Not only this, it accelerates the blood circulation in your face and then helps in getting a glowing skin.

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