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These 2 mistakes cause premature graying of hair, increases the problem of dandruff – India TV Hindi

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Everyone desires to have black, thick and beautiful hair. However, nowadays the problem of premature graying of hair is increasing due to bad lifestyle and eating habits. It is common for hair to break and become thin and lifeless. If you look around, every other person is troubled by these problems. However, in Ayurveda, the main reason for graying of hair is said to be the use of cosmetics and chemical products and not applying oil to the hair. If hair is taken proper care from childhood, it can be prevented from turning grey.

2 big reasons for graying of hair

  1. To prevent hair from turning grey, it is important to apply oil to the hair regularly. You must do oiling at least twice a week. Apart from this, minimize the use of chemical products in hair.

  2. Be it winter or summer, one should avoid washing hair with very hot water. Some people apply very hot oil to their hair, this also damages the hair. By doing this your hair can turn gray quickly. Due to this, the problem of dandruff also starts in the hair.

How to prevent hair from turning grey?

  • According to Swami Ramdev, Amla is a boon for hair. Amla removes every hair problem. If your hair is turning grey, then consume Amla daily to reduce it.

  • If you want, you can include Amla juice in your diet. This also helps in making hair black.

  • To keep hair healthy for a long time, include curry leaves, sesame seeds and cow ghee in your diet.

  • To prevent graying of hair, avoid eating too much fried, too spicy, stale food and too much non-veg.

  • To keep your hair always black, put two drops of desi ghee in your nose before sleeping at night.

  • Keep tension away and get at least 8 hours of deep sleep at night.

Make DIY hair mask for hair with coconut cream, hair fall and breakage will reduce rapidly.

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