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These 3 things made from jaggery will last for the whole of January, feed everyone in the house no matter who comes or goes throughout the month!

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gud para

Consuming jaggery in winter is considered beneficial for health in many ways. Jaggery provides antioxidants to the body which increase immunity. Jaggery produces warmth in the body and helps in protecting from many diseases. Not only this, jaggery contains iron which helps in increasing blood. These things can protect you from many diseases in winter. Also, consumption of jaggery is more beneficial than sugar and also lasts for a long time. So, just prepare both these things at home during winters and then start consuming them.

These 3 things made from jaggery will last you the whole of January

1. Jaggery mercury

In winters like January, you can prepare jaggery and keep it. To make this, make mercury from flour and mix it in jaggery syrup and keep it aside. Then keep this jaggery para in a box and keep eating it throughout January. You can eat this for a long time and it tastes very tasty. The recipe for making it is also very easy.

gud papdi

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gud papdi

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2. Jaggery Papdi

Jaggery Papdi is very tasty. To make Jaggery Papdi, grind dry fruits. Then add flour and ghee and mix well with hands. Mix in such a way that it becomes like delicate crispy. Then make a solution of jaggery in it and add ghee on top and make it flat. Mix it again. Apply ghee and spread it on the plate. Now cut it into the design of barfi and then keep it in the fridge. When it cools down, take it out and keep it in a box.

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3. Jaggery Bar

To make jaggery patti, roast the peanuts and break them coarsely. After this, make jaggery syrup and mix peanuts in it. Add ghee on top and keep mixing completely. Then take a plate and apply ghee in this plate. Spread the Gudpatti which you have mixed in the plate. Now cut it. Keep it in the fridge and after some time, take out its strip and keep it in a box and keep eating it.

(This article is for general information, please consult a doctor before adopting any remedy)

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