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These oils are best for hair massage, length grows at double the speed – India TV Hindi

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Best Hair Oil

Eating habits and lifestyle are not only affecting health but its effect is also visible on hair and skin. Nowadays hair problems are increasing rapidly. Dry and lifeless hair starts falling rapidly. Some people’s hair is turning gray before age, while some people are facing the problem of baldness. The problem of split ends is also increasing. Due to these reasons hair gets damaged. To avoid these problems, people search for various solutions, but they do not have any significant effect. In such a situation, you must massage your hair regularly. Massaging the hair properly makes the hair healthy and strong. Let us know which oil is considered best for hair massage.

  1. coconut oil- Coconut oil is considered good for hair. It contains nutrients and abundant vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and antibacterial properties, which repair hair. By applying coconut oil, nutrients reach the scalp. This oil is light so there is no feeling of heaviness in the hair. The problem of dandruff goes away with coconut oil.

  2. Badam oil- Almond oil is also considered good for hair. Almond oil contains high amount of Vitamin E, which strengthens the hair. In a way, it works as a cleansing agent on the hair. Removes dirt and provides complete nutrition. Hair becomes thick and strong with almond oil.

  3. Olive oil- Olive oil is considered good for hair massage. It contains many types of nutrients which are beneficial for the hair. The problem of graying and breakage of hair can be reduced by applying olive oil. The problem of split ends also reduces.

  4. Avocado Oil- Use avocado oil to bring natural shine to your hair. This provides nourishment to the hair. Avocado oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, amino acids and folic acid, which protects hair from pollution. You can massage your hair with this oil.

  5. Jojoba Oil- Jojoba oil has anti-bacterial properties which remove all hair problems. Anti-inflammatory properties are also found in jojoba oil which nourishes the scalp. By applying this oil, dry, lifeless and damaged hair gets cured.

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