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These papads are made in every house on Holi! Know its most famous recipe today – India TV Hindi

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Holi 2024: Many things are prepared and eaten at home on Holi. But, it first starts with making papad. Different types of papads are made in every house like lentil papad, potato papad, rice papad and sago papad. People make papad and then sit comfortably and eat it till Holi and after Holi. During this time, the most famous recipe which is liked by everyone is Aloo Arrowroot Papad. In common language it is also called arrowroot papad (rarot ke papad kaise bante hain). So, let us know its recipe and how it is made.

Make potato arrowroot papad at home on Holi – Aloo arrowroot papad recipe

-boiled potatoes

-1 cup arrowroot
-black pepper ground
-nigella seeds
-Foil for making big papad.

How are arrowroot papads distributed?

Image Source : SOCIAL

How are arrowroot papads distributed?

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how to make

-To make potato arrowroot papad, first mash the boiled potatoes completely.
-Then mix 6 cups of water in 1 cup of arrowroot.
-Add salt and nigella seeds to it.
-Now add black pepper powder and celery.
-Now cook it while stirring on low flame.
-As soon as it starts thickening or forming lumps, add water to it and dilute it.
– Cook it in this way and keep it.
-The papad batter should be thin but thick in appearance.
-Now spread a foil on the dacha in the sun and apply light oil on it.
-Then with the help of a spoon add the papad batter and spread it giving it a shape.
-Spread all the batter in the same manner.

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After this, expose the papad to sunlight every day for a few days and dry it thoroughly. When it dries, put it in oil, take it out and then eat it. Let us tell you that while making papad, keep in mind that add less salt in it. There is not much salt or spices in papad. Due to this its taste gets spoiled. So, make papad keeping these things in mind. You can also add other vegetables and spices to it.

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