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These yoga asanas work wonders in getting rid of fat from waist and thighs, effect will be visible within 15 days.

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do these yoga to get rid of fat

These days people are suffering from obesity. The main reason for obesity these days is our irregular lifestyle. People are becoming obese due to constant eating outside and not exercising. In such a situation, people join the gym to get rid of obesity but no effect is seen. If you too are tired of doing all this, then we have brought for you a panacea for reducing obesity. You can get a great body by making slight changes in your lifestyle. Include yoga in your life. With the help of yoga you can easily lose weight. Doing yoga not only reduces weight but also provides mental peace. Let us tell you which yoga can change your life.

Do these 4 yoga asanas while standing

  1. Tiryaka TadasanaBy doing this asana your weight will reduce rapidly. Along with this the muscles will become stronger.
  2. Trikonasana– This asana should be done at least 50 times at a time. This will reduce your weight easily.
  3. KonasanaBy doing this asana, the extra fat cells present in the body are converted into energy. Doing this asana helps in reducing weight as well as strengthening the muscles.
  4. Padahastasana– This asana should be done with long breaths. By doing this asana, you will get relief from digestive problems along with belly fat.

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Do 3 yoga asanas while sitting

  1. mill seat -Do this asana also with long breaths. Do this asana at least 20-25 times for 1 set of 10. By doing this, waist and chest will be benefited, sciatica disease will be cured and belly fat will be reduced.
  2. situated konasana– Doing this asana will reduce the fat of waist and thighs, slim the waist, make the body beautiful, beneficial for the stomach as well as the back, control diabetes.
  3. Paschimottanasana– This asana should also be done about 15-20 times. By doing this you will also get rid of belly fat. Also the whole body will remain healthy.

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