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This laddu is on par with Chyawanprash! Note down recipes quickly without wasting time

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laddu recipe

Winter has come and with it many diseases persist. Such as cough, cold, some seasonal allergies and lung related problems. In such a situation, keeping your body warm can protect you from diseases. To keep the body warm, you should consume some hot things. Like some laddus made from herbs. Actually, consuming some laddus made from herbs can save you from many diseases. Their special thing is that their nature is very hot and they help in maintaining warmth in the body and prevent lung related diseases. So, what are these laddus and how to make them, know its recipe.

This laddu is comparable to Chyawanprash

To make this laddu you need-

basil leaves
dry ginger
Dry Fruits
cardamom powder

laddu recipe in hindi

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laddu recipe in hindi

If guests are coming to your house then make mixed veg instead of paneer, you will get applause as soon as you eat it, know the recipe.

Recipe to make laddu

To make this laddu, first roast dry ginger. On the other hand, grind raisins and figs and keep aside. Also grind liquorice, ashwagandha, giloy, basil leaves and liquorice together.

Now all you have to do is put jaggery in 2 cups of water and cook it well. When the syrup is ready, mix the rest of the ingredients in it. Lastly add raisins and figs. Then add cardamom powder and mash everything. Add ghee well on it and keep mixing everything. Then add dry fruits to it and shape them with hands to make laddus. Keep it sealed in a box. Keep eating little by little. So, this winter you must try this laddu recipe. So, just take time and make these at home.

Eating namkeen, pakoras and other things with tea can cause these diseases.

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