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This mistake made while washing hair can make you bald, don’t do it even by mistake – India TV Hindi

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Hair fall is the first problem of every person. Everyone you see is suffering from the problem of hair fall and greying. People use many types of shampoos and conditioners to stop hair fall. You will get one hair mask and serum to apply on your hair. However, many times these do not make much difference. In such a situation, you will have to understand why and where the mistake is happening. Actually, due to not taking proper care of hair, hair starts breaking. Now proper hair care includes many things including applying oil, shampooing the hair, drying the hair and combing. Some people buy expensive products for hair, but do not know how to use them properly. In such a situation, the problem of hair fall increases further. Let us know which mistakes should be avoided while washing hair or shampooing.

  1. Do not rub your hair too much- Some people think that scrubbing and washing the hair will make the hair cleaner. It’s not like that. Washing hair by rubbing causes more hair breakage. You have to apply the shampoo to the hair with light hands and rub it while applying it along the length of the hair. Excessive rubbing makes the hair rough.

  2. Method of applying shampoo- The method of applying shampoo on hair should also be correct. Often people make mistakes while shampooing. Some people apply shampoo directly to the hair, which causes damage to the hair. The correct way is to first pour the shampoo in your hand or a mug and then mix some water in it. Now apply it on hair.

  3. Do not apply conditioner to the roots- People use conditioner just like shampoo. Due to which the scalp can be damaged. The correct way to apply conditioner is to first apply conditioner only on wet hair towards the length. Do not apply condition on the scalp.

  4. Shampoo only 3 days a week- Some people shampoo very frequently or even every day. Doing this is not good for the hair. You should shampoo only 3 times a week. Excessive use of shampoo can cause dry hair. Chemical products start reducing oil from the scalp.

  5. Use the right shampoo- Many times we buy the shampoo we like. Some people also buy shampoo on each other’s advice. It is wrong to do so. You should choose shampoo according to your hair type. If your hair is oily then choose shampoo accordingly. If you have dry hair then choose shampoo accordingly.

  6. Do not wash hair with hot water- Heat causes great harm to hair. Therefore hair should not be washed with hot water. Hot water has a bad effect on hair. Therefore, tools with high heat should not be used. It is good to wash hair with normal water.

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