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This remedy can turn white hair black in a few months, effective since the time of grandmothers.

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amla kalonji hair oil

Home remedies for white hair: Nowadays people’s hair is turning gray rapidly. The situation is such that every child has white hair. Actually, all this is due to lack of hair care routine as well as diet and pollution. In such a situation, along with diet, you should pay special attention to your hair care. Like you can use this oil which works effectively. The special thing is that you can make this oil yourself. So, let us know the recipe of this oil, how to make it and when and how to apply it on hair.

Amla and Kalonji oil for white hair – Amla kalonji hair oil

To make Amla (Indian Gooseberry) oil, first cut the Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and cook it by putting it in mustard oil. Mix 2 spoons of nigella seeds in this oil and let this oil cook. Then when the color of this oil starts turning black, turn off the gas. Then filter this oil and keep it in a glass vessel. Now when it cools down a bit, apply this oil on your hair and massage with light hands. During this, massage the entire hair thoroughly.

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Benefits of applying Amla and Kalonji oil-Amla kalonji hair oil benefits

Amla and nigella oil accelerate blood circulation in hair and are helpful in increasing their growth. The special thing about this oil is that it boosts collagen and then nourishes the hair pores, which improves the color of the hair and makes the hair black. Also, another benefit of using nigella oil for hair is that its regular use not only helps in preventing premature graying of hair, but in many cases also cures graying of hair. . This is due to linoleic acid, which helps prevent the depletion of black-pigment cells in your follicles. Apart from this, this oil nourishes the hair and is helpful in improving their complexion.

  amla kalonji hair oil

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amla kalonji hair oil

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Also, if you have problem of dandruff in your hair or scalp infection, you can also use this oil. It cleanses the scalp, increases blood circulation, protects the hair from the effects of pollution and then improves the complexion of the hair. In this way, this oil removes many hair problems and then turns white hair black.

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