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Try ice water facial instead of expensive facials, you will get relief from these skin problems – India TV Hindi

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Ice water facial benefits

These days, not only Korean skin care routine is becoming popular among the people in the country and the world, but ice water facial is also becoming very craze among the people. Now the use of ice is not limited to just eating and drinking, but ice is proving to be very beneficial in improving the complexion of your face, removing sunburn, and getting rid of acne. Actually, most of the people take care of their skin by buying expensive beauty products from the market or get expensive facials done. Due to which the spots and blemishes on the face will disappear. By these methods the stains and spots get removed but after some time they reappear due to dirt. So now instead of expensive facials, try ice water facial. Let us tell you its benefits.

Ice water facial is effective in these skin problems

  1. Remove dark circles: Ice water facial, along with keeping your face fresh, also eliminates dark circles on your face.
  2. Skin it occurs tight: If you want to tighten your skin instantly then do ice facial. Ice facial stretches the skin, removes dirt from the pores and makes your skin tight.
  3. Make-up lasts longer: If you want to keep your makeup for a long time, then apply ice on your face before applying foundation. To make makeup last longer, first wash your skin with clean water. After that, wrap the ice cube in a cotton cloth and rub it on the face.

How to do ice facial?

For ice water facial, first take out cold water in a bowl. Now add 5, 6 pieces of ice in it. Now dip your face in this water (keep in mind that you should clean your face by washing it with plain water first). After 30 seconds, take your face out of the water. After some time, dip your face in water again. Your ice facial is done.

Keep these things in mind also

  • If your skin is very sensitive, then instead of doing such facials, just warm your face with ice.
  • Never rub ice cubes directly on the face, it damages the facial cells.
  • Always wrap the ice cube in a cotton cloth and massage your face.
  • Applying ice directly can burn your face and cause redness.

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