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Use this oil before sleeping at night, hair fall will be controlled; There will be gray hair too – India TV Hindi

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Onion Oil For Hair

These days almost everyone is troubled by hair fall. People are struggling with many hair problems like hair fall, hair becoming weak due to dandruff, premature graying of hair etc. In such a situation, people use the most expensive hair products but do not get any results. If you have also tried all kinds of measures to strengthen your hair. But if the hair is not stopping on the head, then definitely try this recipe. Start applying onion oil to your hair before sleeping at night. The nutrients found in onion oil not only make the hair strong and healthy from the roots but its use also helps in regrowth of hair.

Onion oil is beneficial

Onion oil strengthens the hair from the roots and with its help, blood circulation works properly and it can also help in strengthening the hair. Not only this, hair fall almost completely stops within a few days with onion oil. Actually, Vitamin A and Vitamin E are found in onion oil which are very effective in nourishing the scalp and hair.

How many days a week?

You do not need to apply onion oil daily. Using it just once a week is enough for your healthy hair. You have to massage clean hair with this oil once a week and shampoo your hair in the morning. This oil continues to work smoothly throughout the night.

How to make onion oil

To make onion oil, grind 5 onions and extract their juice. Now mix half cup coconut oil in onion juice. Now after that, cut two small sized onions and put them in the oil of the mixer. Now put this oil on flame and let it cook for some time. Now remove this oil from the flame and let it cool down and then squeeze out the onion.

Massage your soles with sesame oil every night before sleeping, you will get tremendous benefits for your health.

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