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What happens when you pluck out white hair? These will literally double! Know the right thing – India TV Hindi

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You must have heard many times that plucking a white hair leads to the emergence of more white hairs. Doing this work has been prohibited since the time of our grandmothers. But how can this be believed without science and facts? Actually, plucking hair affects the follicles but, does it mean that plucking one hair will affect the rest of the hair follicles and all the hairs will turn grey. So, let us know what happens by pulling out gray hair (Does pulling out gray hair cause more gray hair)

What happens when you pluck out white hair?

By plucking out white hair, it affects your pores and causes the hair follicles to get clogged. Apart from this, plucking of white hair causes the problem of hair thinning and affects the rest of the hair. Because a hair plucked intentionally causes swelling in the scalp and due to this other hairs can become weak and fall out. Not only this, they can also damage hair cells.

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Plucking gray hair results in double gray hair?

No, not at all. Plucking gray hair does not result in double gray hair. What happens is that in place of the hair you have plucked, a white hair grows which may be darker, thicker or shinier than the previous hair. This means that your other hair will not turn white, but new white hair will keep growing at the same place.

  pulling a gray hair in hindi

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pulling a gray hair in hindi

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Graying of hair is caused by many factors like ageing, genetics, makeup and stress etc. Therefore, when your hair starts turning grey, eat melanin enhancing foods which help in darkening the hair. Apart from this, do exercise and then increase blood circulation in the hair.

(This article is for general information, please consult a doctor before adopting any remedy)

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