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What to apply on face after shaving

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After shaving the skin often starts itching and rashes. In such a situation, men who do not take that much care of their skin leave it like this and remain troubled for many hours and days. Whereas in this situation, if you apply some things on the face, you can avoid many problems. Not only from rashes but also from these long-lasting spots which take away the glow from the face. So, today we will tell you what men should apply on their skin after shaving and how it works.

What to apply on face after shaving

1. Apply ice

If you want to soothe rashes after shaving, then wrap ice in a cloth and apply it on the face. It gradually calms the acne and works to reduce irritation and itching in the skin. Ice is antibacterial which helps in reducing acne. Apart from this, it reduces rashes and itching.

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2. Sandalwood and rose water

Mix sandalwood and rose water and apply it on your face. It is helpful in reducing skin rashes and itching. It is helpful in cooling the skin and reducing rashes. Also, it can reduce many skin related problems. Like it is helpful in reducing rashes and marks after shaving. So, mix sandalwood and rose water, apply on face and wash face with cold water.

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3. Coconut Oil

You can apply coconut oil on your face after shaving. This oil nourishes your skin and locks the moisture in it. It also reduces the marks of blemishes and increases the glow from within the skin. This does not cause problems like itching and rashes. So, just follow these tips after shaving and get rid of many problems.

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