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While traveling, my head starts spinning and I feel nauseous, so try these remedies; You will get immediate relief – India TV Hindi

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Wandering roam around Whom No Like, But Many Times long tour But coming out hee people To dizzy to come feels like Is And Vomit to come looks like is.actually, away of Travel About every Any car, Bus Or Then Train From hee go Is. But trip But go ones Many people Of with motion sickness of Problem would have Is. motion sickness i.e journey Of during Vomit Or Yes Nausea. especially But hill localities In journey Of during Many people To Vomit to stop of every Possible Effort Of after Too Vomit Come hee caste Is. journey In to be the one it Trouble Any To Too yes can is.this during people To Nausea, Sweat, vomit And dizzy to come feels like Is And fast Headache like complaints would have are.like this In You That Time in Some? prescriptions of Help From in troubles From truant Pa Can Are.

journey Of during to be the one vomiting To to stop Of recipe

  1. Aak Of Leaf Vomit To to stop In Enough effective Would Is. Its For Aak Of One leaves To taking smooth the one Part Feet In soles of Side by doing keep take And His Above From Socks Wear Take it.
  2. divine stream to smell From Or Then a little From Water In by putting This drink From Too To you Benefit will get.
  3. If To you mostly journey Of during Vomit would have Is So Travel Of First Curd And Pomegranate Of intake Do it.
  4. Only Curd Of intake to do From Too To you Benefit will get. Its For near 50 Gram Curd To Honey Or Sugar Of with Eat Take it.
  5. Morning Of Time all Kalpa quath Of intake Tax Can Are. Its For One liter Water In all Kalpa quath by putting slow flame In boil Take it. When Water 400 Gram left So gas Close Tax give And This Cold by doing Or Then lukewarm intake Do it.
  6. Night To gold From First One glass Water In One,One spoon Cumin, Coriander And fennel Of soaked give And Morning Its intake Tax Take it. From this Too Benefit will get.
  7. Daily kapalbhati And Anulom Antonym Pranayama Do it. From this Too To you journey Of during to come the one vomiting From getting rid of will get.

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