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You can make kheer from the rice left over from the night, the taste will be such that everyone will ask for it and eat it; Learn how to make it

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how to make rice kheer

If there is excess rice left at home at night, then instead of throwing it away, make sweet kheer. Now you are wondering how to make kheer from stale rice, then let us tell you the method of making kheer from stale rice. The taste of this kheer will be so amazing that everyone will praise you. Learn how to make kheer from stale rice.

Ingredients for making Kheer

  • stale rice
  • 1 liter milk
  • 3-4 cardamoms
  • 3-4 cashew nuts almonds
  • 2 spoons ghee
  • half cup mawa
  • Sugar

Make kheer like this

To make kheer, first add lukewarm water to the stale rice and mash it well. Now put ghee in a pan, after the ghee melts, add rice to it. Now fry the rice well in ghee. Now heat milk thoroughly in a bowl. Now add rice to this milk. Now cook the rice well in milk. When the rice is cooked well in milk, then grind cardamom and mix it. Now mix half a cup of mawa and sugar in it. When the kheer is cooked well, add 3-4 grated cashews and almonds to it. Hot kheer is ready for serving.

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