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Bad news for cricket fans, India-Pakistan match will not take place in Under 19 World Cup! Know the reason – India TV Hindi

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IND vs PAK Under 19 World Cup 2024: Under 19 World Cup 2024 is being organized in South Africa. The group stage matches of this tournament are over. Where the Indian team played its last match against America. The Indian team did not lose a single match in its group. Due to which he finished on top. A total of four groups were formed in this tournament. The top three teams from the four groups have qualified for the Super Six, so a total of 12 teams have reached the next round. These 12 teams have been divided into two groups. In one there will be teams of Group A and D and in the other there will be teams of Group B and C.

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After the end of the group stage, in the Super 6 round, India, Bangladesh, Ireland, Pakistan, New Zealand and Nepal are in one group and South Africa, England, West Indies, Australia, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are in the other. The Super 6 round has been made quite complex. Due to which it has become quite confusing for the fans also. In fact, the teams that performed well during the group stage in the Super 6 round will have a slight advantage.

For example, Team India has won its matches against both the teams (Bangladesh and Ireland) that qualified from their group. In such a situation, Team India will start with four points in the Super 6 round, while Ireland has not won a single match against the teams that have qualified with them. As such, Ireland will start their group stage with 0 points as they lost against the other two qualifying teams Bangladesh and India.

India-Pakistan match will not take place in Super 6

After the group stage of the World Cup, Team India and Pakistan are part of the same group for the Super 6 round. Still, both the teams will not play a single match among themselves during the Super 6 round. Actually, according to the new format of ICC, the match will not be played between the two teams. The Indian team was part of Group A during the group stage, while the Pakistan team was in Group D. Both teams finished on top in their respective groups. According to this ICC format, a qualifying team will have to face two teams from the other group which will finish at different places.

So A1 (India) will face D2 and D3 (New Zealand and Nepal) but not D1, i.e. Pakistan. Similarly, Bangladesh (A2) will face Pakistan and Nepal and not New Zealand. The format may be confusing but the ICC has thought of giving a start to the teams that have performed well in the group stage.

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