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England got 5 runs in the Indian innings itself, this rule of cricket proved costly – India TV Hindi

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England got 5 runs in the Indian innings itself, this rule of cricket proved costly

India vs England Test 5 Runs Penalty: During the third Test being played between India and England in Rajkot, many new records were made on the very first day. After this, when the second day’s play started, records were being made in that also. Meanwhile, something happened which no one would have expected. One mistake of Indian batsman Ravichandran Ashwin proved costly. However, its foundation was laid on the first day itself, when Ravindra Jadeja, who was batting that day, was warned by the umpire. But today the Indian team had to suffer a heavy loss. Let us understand why this happened and what the rules of cricket say.

Disadvantages of running into the dungeon zone

Actually, this incident happened when India’s experienced player Ravichandran Ashwin and debutant Dhruv Jurail were batting after the dismissal of Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav. The 102nd over was going on. Spinner Rehan Ahmed was on strike and bowling. Ashwin played Rehan’s ball towards cover and tried to run away for a run. Meanwhile, his partner Dhruv Jurail, standing at the non-striking end, sent him back. Ashwin came back after running a few steps. But whatever race he ran was in the danger area. Umpire Joel Wilson expressed displeasure on this. Actually the batsman cannot run into the danger zone to score runs. This spoils the pitch and creates problems for the incoming batsmen.

England got full 5 runs from penalty

Earlier, when the first day’s play was going on in Rajkot, the umpire had once stopped Ravindra Jadeja and second time Sarfaraz Khan for doing the same. According to ICC rules, the umpire is warned once for this during an innings, but if done a second time, there is a provision of punishment. When the batsmen of the Indian team did this for the second time, it was not considered, but it was decided that if the same thing happened again, it could be difficult for the Indian team. After this, when Ravichandran Ashwin did the same again, the umpire announced giving 5 runs to the opposing team i.e. England as per the rules. The special thing is that no runs are deducted from the account of the batting team, but when the other team starts batting, 5 runs are given to its account as soon as the innings starts.

Ashwin talked to umpire Joel Wilson

When the umpire expressed his displeasure, Ashwin went to umpire Wilson and talked to him, but Wilson was not satisfied with his words and signaled to give five runs. Ashwin also seemed angry with this. That means now when England’s innings starts, 5 runs will be added directly to their account without scoring any runs. The innings will start with 5 runs without loss. Before this, the last time this happened in Test cricket was when Ravindra Jadeja did this against New Zealand in Indore in 2016-17. Nearly seven years have passed since then, but this never happened. Now it remains to be seen what else happens in this match. Overall, it seems that many more records will be made and the match can be very exciting.

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