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It is difficult to change the captain of this team in IPL 2024, the situation changed in 2 days – India TV Hindi

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It is difficult to change the captain of this team in IPL 2024, the situation changed in 2 days

IPL 2024: Even though the Test series is being played between India and England, all the players also have an eye on the IPL. The IPL 2024 season is likely to start in late March. However, its complete schedule has not been announced yet by BCCI. Meanwhile, it was believed that there could be a change in the captains of some teams before the IPL. But something has happened in the last two days, after which such speculations seem to have come to an end.

There were rumors of change in the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad

In fact, IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the title only once so far. The team’s performance has deteriorated significantly in the last few seasons. This team is such that it is known for constantly changing its captain. Only the team which had won the title under the captaincy of David Warner was dropped from the team. Not only this, the team also showed the way out to Kane Williamson, one of the world’s greatest captains. Meanwhile, in the year 2023, SRH appointed Aiden Markram as the new captain, but the team’s performance was disappointing. SRH had finished tenth i.e. last in the 10-team IPL season. After this it was believed that Sunrisers Hyderabad team might change its captain in the next season.

Pat Cummins was considered a contender for the new captain.

Last year i.e. in December, when the auction was held for the next season of IPL, SRH spent a lot of money and included players of their choice in the team. One of these players was Australia’s Pat Cummins. Who won the ODI World Cup for his team and under his captaincy, Australia also won the World Test Championship title. SRH included him in their fold by paying a price of Rs 20.50 crore. After this, it was expected that he would be given the responsibility of captaincy.

Sunrisers Eastern Cape won the SA20 title under the captaincy of Aiden Markram.

Meanwhile, SA20 was organized in South Africa. Many IPL players play in this also. All SA20 teams are owned by Indians. Many of the people who own IPL teams also own teams in that league. This time again there were competitions between six teams and in the end Sunrisers Eastern Cape won the title. The captain of that team is Aidan Markram. Sunrisers Eastern Cape had earlier also captured the title when the first SA20 was held and this time again the team has won the trophy by defeating many teams.

Aiden Markram got captaincy in IPL after SA20

Before this, you will remember that SRH had made Aiden Markram its captain in IPL only after winning the SA20 title, it is another matter that the team could not perform the same in IPL as it performed in SA20. In such a situation, it is difficult to believe that the team will remove the captain who has led the team to two consecutive titles from the captaincy of IPL. Although the team can do anything. But it is believed that Pat Cummins may have to wait for a few days to take over the captaincy of SRH.

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