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403 Indian students died abroad in 5 years, Canada is most unsafe – India TV Hindi

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The frequent deaths of Indian students abroad have worried parents. Now the hearts of parents have started reacting due to the death of students who go to study abroad with big dreams. After all, there must be some reason why Indian students are continuously being killed abroad or they are dying due to unknown reasons. The Government of India has given the details of deaths of students due to various reasons since the year 2018. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that in the last 5 years, 403 Indian students have died abroad due to various reasons.

S Jaishankar said the welfare of Indian students abroad is one of the top priorities of the government. A total of 403 incidents of deaths of Indian students abroad have been recorded since 2018 due to various reasons including natural causes, accidents and medical conditions, with Canada on top with 91 cases, the government informed the Lok Sabha on Friday. After this there are 48 cases in Britain. Jaishankar was answering a question on the safety of Indian students abroad. He said, “Indian Missions/Posts abroad respond on priority basis to any issues faced by Indian students.

These countries are on top in the death of Indian students

Jaishankar pointed out that the data detailing country-wise deaths of Indian students abroad since 2018 shows that Canada tops the list with 91 cases. After this, 48 ​​Indian students died in Britain, 40 in Russia, 36 in America, 35 in Australia, 21 in Ukraine and 20 in Germany. According to the data, 14 Indian students died in Cyprus, 10 each in Philippines and Italy and nine each in Qatar, China and Kyrgyzstan. There were different causes of deaths in all countries.

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