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47th Day of Israel-Hamas war: Even after the announcement of ceasefire, the release of hostages is not possible, Israel has now given this statement

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After mediation by the US and Qatar, Israel and Hamas agreed to a 4-day temporary ceasefire on Wednesday. But the issue regarding the release of the hostages, which was agreed upon, is currently stuck. Since the release of the hostages is not possible immediately, various speculations have started regarding the agreement. Let us tell you that under the Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement, 50 Israeli hostages were to be released. In return, Israel promised the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. But an Israeli has said that the release of the hostages is not possible before Friday.

Along with the release of 50 Israelis held hostage by the Gaza extremist group, there was also agreement on the delivery of humanitarian aid to the area. If the agreement is implemented, it is being considered as the first major diplomatic victory and the basis of a pause in the war that started after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing reporters along with two ministers from his special cabinet on the war, said that the war will resume after the ceasefire expires. He said Israel’s goal was to destroy all Hamas military installations and free all 240 of its hostages held in Gaza.

PM Netanyahu made this announcement

Israeli PM Netanyahu said, “I want to make it clear that the war continues.” Our efforts will continue until all goals are achieved.” Netanyahu said that he has given the same information by calling US President Joe Biden. The prime minister said he had instructed Mossad, the country’s intelligence agency, to eliminate Hamas’s exiled leadership “no matter where they are.” Will not be applicable before. It was believed that the ceasefire would become effective a day before this. Israel’s National Security Advisor did not give any information regarding why there is a delay in implementing the ceasefire, but ‘Channel 13 TV’ said in one of its reports that some formalities for the final phase are still pending. (AP)

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