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A cache of weapons found inside the hospital in Gaza, Israeli army’s video will surprise you

Image Source : TWITTER.COM/IDF
A cache of weapons has been found behind MRI machines in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital.

Gaza Strip: Israeli forces have entered Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, which is the largest hospital here. Fighting continues between soldiers and Hamas terrorists at some places inside Al-Shifa. Israel has asked Hamas to surrender, while there are reports of continuous firing from the terrorists. Israel had claimed that Hamas has its headquarters below this hospital and has captured the MRI center here. During the search in the hospital, Israeli forces found a huge quantity of weapons. Even the terrorists had hidden weapons in the bag behind the MRI machine.

Hamas terrorists are hiding in tunnels

In the video made by Israeli Army spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, it is clearly visible that weapons were hidden in bags at various places throughout the center. These weapons were covered with medicines and medical equipment. At the same time, guerrilla war continues between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists in other areas of Gaza. Thousands of Hamas fighters are hiding in underground tunnels, although after completely capturing the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army has said that it has identified those tunnels.

Weapons were hidden behind MRI machines

In the videos shot by Israeli soldiers, it is seen that in the name of treatment, only show-off was being done in the MRI center of Al Shifa Hospital. AK 47, magazine, grenade and dress were kept hidden behind the MRI machines in the hospital. Not only this, the CCTV cameras in the center were also closed with tape by Hamas terrorists. The terrorists had hidden weapons at various places throughout the MRI centre. Looking at the condition of the machines installed here, it is clear that they have rarely been used.

The biggest hideout of Hamas under the hospital!

A cache of weapons as well as communication radios, CDs, and laptops were also found in Al Shifa Hospital. After being admitted to the hospital, Israeli forces are searching for Hamas hideouts. Israeli forces claim that beneath this 6-storey hospital is the largest base of Hamas. He says that below this hospital is the military headquarters of Hamas and its intelligence network operates from here. According to Israel, Hamas’ air defense headquarters, political bureau office, weapons factory and commanders’ offices are also located here.

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