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A woman was swimming with her daughter in the sea of ​​Mexico, a shark came in front and attacked her.

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Mexico: Shark attacked

Mexico Shark Attack News: An accident took place in the sea off Mexico, a country on the American continent. According to the information, a woman was swimming in the sea of ​​Mexico with her daughter. Just then the shark came from ahead. This shark attacked them as soon as they saw it. Not only this, he chewed the woman’s leg. This incident happened near the sea coast in Melaka.

According to the information, a painful incident happened with a woman in Mexico. A 26-year-old woman was swimming with her 5-year-old daughter. Then the shark attacked them strongly from the front. In this attack the shark chewed the leg. Due to this the woman had to lose one of her legs. Since there was a lot of blood loss. That’s why the woman died. However, the girl was not harmed. Rafael Araiza, head of Mexico’s civil protection office, said the attack occurred Saturday in Melaka, a short distance from the beach.

Was teaching swimming to her daughter

The woman’s name was Maria Fernandez Martínez Jiménez. She lived in a nearby town. She was swimming with her five-year-old daughter about 75 feet from the shore. She was teaching her daughter to swim when the shark attacked her, although the girl was not injured in any way. After the shark attack, the rescue workers quickly brought Maria to the shore, but by then a lot of blood had flowed from her leg. Therefore Maria’s life could not be saved.

How many cases of shark attacks worldwide?

According to the International Shark Attachment File, there are 108 cases of shark attacks worldwide every year. There are 57 such cases in which there is no fault of humans. On the other hand, after this accident, as a precautionary measure, a ban has been imposed on visiting the sea shores. The Melac beach area of ​​Mexico comes under the municipality of Cihuatlán.

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