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After 22 months of war, 22 lakh Russian soldiers will finish the work of Ukraine, President Putin gave this order

Image Source: AP
President Putin with Russian soldiers.

It has been almost 22 months since the Russia-Ukraine war. In such a situation, Russian President Putin no longer wants to prolong the war. The script for the destruction of Ukraine has begun to be written in Moscow. After 22 months of war, Russia’s 22 lakh soldiers are desperate to destroy Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Friday to add at least 170,000 additional troops to the country’s military amid the long-running conflict.

Putin’s order was issued on Friday and was implemented with immediate effect, increasing the number of Russian military personnel to 2,200,000. It also includes 1,320,000 soldiers. In August 2022, Putin ordered the induction of 137,000 troops, bringing the number of military personnel to about 2 million and soldiers to about 1,150,000. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that those who wish to join the army will be recruited.

Putin held NATO responsible for army expansion

The ministry described the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as a “special military operation” and blamed the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) behind the military expansion. “NATO joint armed forces are being deployed near the Russian border and additional air defense systems as well as weapons are being deployed,” the statement said. The capability of NATO’s strategic nuclear forces is being increased. The ministry said that in view of NATO’s aggressive activities, increasing the capability of the Russian military is an appropriate step. (AP)

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