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After Maldives, ‘played’ in Nepal! China supporter KP Sharma Oli is manipulating to topple Prachanda government – India TV Hindi

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China supporter KP Sharma Oli is manipulating to topple Prachanda government

Nepal Politics: Anti-India government has come to power in Maldives. President Moizzu, elected in November last year, is anti-India and pro-China. At the same time, former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, sitting in the opposition in Nepal, is also considered a supporter of China, when he was in power, he had spewed ‘fire’ against India. Even Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, was rejected under the influence of China. In this way, KP Sharma Oli is trying to topple the present Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ government of Nepal.

Former Prime Minister of Nepal KP Sharma Oli has started making moves to topple the Prachanda government. According to media reports, Oli has made his political rival Madhav Kumar Nepal a pawn. Madhav Kumar Nepal was in Oli’s party till two years ago, but later he formed his own party. After Maldives, pro-China parties are also engaged in manipulation in Nepal.

Conspiracy to topple the ‘fierce’ government

A conspiracy is being hatched to topple the ‘Prachanda’ government of Nepal. Former Prime Minister and leader close to China KP Sharma Oli is being said to be behind this. KP Sharma Oli has made Madhav Kumar Nepal a pawn to topple the government. Oli and Nepal are old comrades, who have now become arch enemies. The enmity between the two started when Nepal separated from Oli’s party CPN-UML two years ago and formed CPN (Unified Socialist). Since then the enmity between the two has been increasing. In such a situation, Oli is determined to stop Nepal from becoming the Prime Minister at any cost.

Know what is the mathematics of PM’s ‘chair’ in Nepal?

Nepal’s PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal is ‘Prachanda’. However, an agreement was reached between Nepali Congress President Bahadur Deuba and CPN President Madhav Kumar Nepal just before the 2022 parliamentary elections. According to this, the PM’s chair will be rotated among the three leaders. That means, after completion of two years of Dahal in Singha Darbar in December 2024, Madhav Kumar Nepal will become the Prime Minister of the country for one year.

Oli’s party’s place after Nepali Congress

Congress is the largest party in the federal parliament. KP Sharma Oli’s CPN-UML is in second place with 32 seats in the House of Representatives. At the same time, Prime Minister Dahal’s CPN (Maoist Centre) is at third place. Madhav Kumar Nepal’s Unified Socialist National Party failed to get status as it could not cross the three percent vote threshold.

Oli ready to do anything to stop Nepal

Leaders of the ruling coalition are confident that their alliance will remain intact for five years, but the main opposition UML is desperate to topple it. Oli’s party UML leaders said they have opened the way for talks with both Deuba’s Nepali Congress and Prachanda’s Maoist Centre. In such a situation, there is a possibility that Oli is ready to form an alliance with any of these two parties to stop Madhav Kumar Nepal from becoming the Prime Minister. Anyway, it is being said that there is controversy going on in the ruling coalition on many matters including corruption and arrest of political leaders in refugee scams.

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