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After New Hampshire, Trump defeats Nikki Haley in South Carolina too – India TV Hindi

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Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump are in the presidential race from the Republican Party.

Donald Trump, who is leading in the race to be the presidential candidate from the Republican Party in the US presidential election 2024, has defeated Nikki Haley in South Carolina as well. Former President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley by 27% of the vote in South Carolina’s first election. Donald Trump continues to dominate the 2024 GOP primary poll in South Carolina with 58% support. While his challenger Nikki Haley lagged behind with 31% votes. This is Trump’s third consecutive victory. This has further increased the possibility of the 2024 contest being Biden versus Trump.

A new poll shows that former President Donald Trump has a huge lead over his 2024 rival Nikki Haley in his own state South Carolina. Donald Trump’s 58% support overwhelms Nikki Haley’s campaign. Haley had served as the Governor of the state from 2011 to 2017. Despite this, he could get only 31% support. While 11% remained undecided voters. Trump is ahead of Haley in statistical and political groups. While Democrats are unlikely to vote in the GOP primary. It is open only to registered Republicans.

Will Nikki Haley win in South Carolina in the second election?

Both Trump and Nikki Haley have given their full strength in the primary elections of South Carolina. This is Trump territory. Whereas Haley has been the governor here for 6 years. Will Nikki Haley, who lost in South Carolina by 27 percent votes in the first round, be able to take the lead over Trump in the next round? This is an important question. If Haley also loses South Carolina’s final internal election, her path will become more difficult. The poll also showed that the former president’s favorability rating among South Carolina voters is higher than Haley’s. The people who like Trump here are about 7 out of 10. That means 68% of respondents said they have a favorable view of Trump. And 44% said they were “completely favorable to Trump.” While Haley on the other hand got a favorable rating of 56%. Also only 23% said it was “completely favorable to Haley.”

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