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After reaching Gaza, Netanyahu went into the tunnels of Hamas, Israeli PM took a big resolution

Image Source: AP
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reached Gaza.

Israel Hamas Conflict: Amidst the Israel-Hamas war and the temporary ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached the Hamas-occupied area in the Gaza Strip. He met the Israeli forces present here and encouraged them. During this time, he also went to the tunnels of Hamas, where Hamas terrorists had made their hideouts. The IDF has now captured the areas occupied by Hamas in Gaza. During the meeting with Israeli soldiers, PM Netanyahu pledged to continue the fight till the end.

When Netanyahu reached Gaza Strip, told his three goals

An official press statement said Netanyahu received a security briefing from commanders and soldiers and toured a tunnel. Netanyahu said, ‘We are here in the Gaza Strip with our brave soldiers. We are making every possible effort to bring back our hostages and in the end we will bring them all back. “We have three goals in this war: to destroy Hamas, to free all our hostages, and to ensure that Gaza never again becomes a threat to Israel.”

Large area of ​​Gaza under Israel’s control

Netanyahu said, ‘I am reiterating that for the people of Israel we will continue the war until victory. No one will stop us. The war requires force, power, will and determination to achieve all our goals and that is what we will do.’ Earlier, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Chief of Staff Harzi Halevi spoke about the situation in the northern Gaza Strip during the ongoing war. Part visited. It is clear from this that a large part of the area is now under Israel’s control.

temporary ceasefire for four days

There has been a 4-day ceasefire between the war between Israel and Hamas. This ceasefire was reached with the mediation of Qatar and America. Under this agreement, hostages and prisoners are to be released from both sides. During this time, humanitarian aid including fuel is also entering the Gaza Strip.

Hamas had taken 240 people hostage

Hamas launched a major attack on Israel on October 7 and Hamas commandos took 240 hostages with them. Israel has been enraged since then. Israel is continuously attacking Gaza through air strikes and ground attacks. Meanwhile, a ceasefire has been reached with the mediation of Qatar and America. Under this, Hamas and Israel will release hostages and prisoners. Countries like Qatar and America were continuously putting pressure on this deal because their own people are also hostages of Hamas.

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