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America will not give any more weapons to Israel? Biden’s statement created a stir in the world

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US President Joe Biden.

Nantucket: US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he believes the idea of ​​providing military aid to Israel with certain conditions is “reasonable”. This means that America will still continue to provide weapons etc. to Israel to fight the war in Gaza. However, Biden also expressed hope that the ceasefire with Hamas will last more than 4 days. The president said in Nantucket, Massachusetts that he was encouraged by the release of some hostages and expected more to happen.

No information given about conditions

Biden said, ‘We expect more hostages to be released tomorrow, even more the next day, and even more hostages the day after that.’ According to Qatar, the released hostages include 13 from Israel, 10 from Thailand and one from the Philippines. In return, Israel released 39 Palestinians from prison. Biden said that giving military aid to Israel with conditions is a good idea, but I don’t think that if I had done that from the beginning, we would have ever gotten to where we are today. However, he did not give any information about what these conditions would be.

‘The released hostages have returned to Israel’

Meanwhile, the Israeli Army says that the hostages released by Hamas under the ceasefire agreement have returned to Israel. Israeli military officials said in a statement on Friday that the hostages were given medical examinations as soon as they entered Israeli territory. Israeli soldiers took the hostages to hospitals to be reunited with their families. Qatar said a total of 24 hostages were freed, including 13 Israeli citizens. Israel confirmed on Friday that it had released 39 Palestinian prisoners under the ceasefire agreement.

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