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Amidst the war, liquor sales increased in Israel, beer sales increased by 40% and wine sales doubled.

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Alcohol sales increased in Israel amid war.

Israel Hamas War: The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. However, many updates have come regarding the ceasefire. But these are not permanent. Meanwhile, a surprising news has come from Israel. There has been a tremendous increase in the sale of liquor, especially beer and wine. At the same time, sales of bakery items have also increased significantly. Apart from this, the sale of cookies has increased by 50% and the sale of bakery products has also increased by 33%.

These data related to demand and sales have been published by ‘Jerusalem Post’. According to media reports, these figures of alcohol consumption are surprising. Let us tell you that on October 7, Hamas attacked Israel from three sides. Israel was shocked after these attacks and started rapid attacks on Gaza. After this, Israel also started ground attacks. 1200 people were killed in the attack on Israel. Not only this, Hamas commandos had taken 240 people as hostages. Foreign citizens were also included in these. On the other hand, Gaza’s Health Ministry has claimed that more than 13 thousand people have died in Gaza due to Israeli attacks.

Sales of bakery items also increased by 33 percent

According to the report, wine is in highest demand in the sale of liquor. Its sales have doubled, we can also say that the sales of wine have increased by 100 percent. At the same time, the sale of beer has increased by 40 percent. Apart from alcohol, sales of bakery items and snacks have also increased significantly. There has been an increase of 50 percent in the sale of cookies and 33 percent increase in the sale of bakery items.

Sales of these products also increased after the war

Since the war, sales of some other products have also increased in Israel. According to the report, demand for soda and energy drinks has increased. The sales of popular snacks like Bamba, Potato Chips and Cucumber Mix have increased by more than ten percent. However, demand for commonly used household products like milk, eggs, cheese, chocolate milk and paper towels has also increased.

The war will stop for four days

Let us tell you that Hamas had attacked Israel from three sides. After that Israel also launched a strong counterattack. Continuous and vigorous attacks were carried out on Gaza. America has openly supported Israel. At the same time, Gulf countries and other Muslim countries of the world have opposed the attack on Gaza and supported Palestine. Meanwhile, Israel and Hamas have agreed to stop the war. This agreement will be temporary. Hamas will release 50 hostages amid the ceasefire. In exchange, Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners. This agreement was made with the mediation of Qatar. The Israel-Hamas agreement stipulates a four-day pause in fighting.

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