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Another enemy of India killed in Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Akram Ghazi killed

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Akram Ghazi, Lashkar terrorist.

India’s enemies are being continuously eliminated from outside the country. Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Akram Khan alias Akram Ghazi, who often spewed venom against India, has been shot dead. Akram Ghazi was shot dead by unknown assailants in Bajaur, Pakistan on Thursday. He was also the head of the recruitment cell from 2018 to 2020. He was involved in extremist activities against India. He was responsible for the recruitment of terrorists. He had an important role in infiltrating terrorists into Kashmir. Local rivals and internal conflict within Lashkar are believed to be the reasons behind Ghazi’s murder. Pakistani agencies are investigating Ghazi’s murder.

The killing of India’s enemy Ghazi is a big blow to Lashkar and its parent organization ISI. Lashkar commander Ghazi has been shot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This is the second consecutive killing of an enemy of India in Pakistan in the last one week. Earlier, another terrorist was killed by unknown assailants. He was primarily responsible for luring and recruiting the youth of Kashmir into the terrorist organization during 2018-20. He had converted many radicals into terrorists in Kashmir Valley and infiltrated into India.

Was the mastermind of terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir

He was the mastermind of the terrorist attack in Sunjwan, Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2018. Akram Ghazi had kidnapped Khwaja Shahid from Kashmir. Later his severed head was found near the Line of Control in PoK. He was one of the main architects of the terrorist conspiracy against India. Akram Ghazi used to speak poisonous words against India in his speeches. He was a key member of the central recruitment cell of terrorists. He was shot by bike riding miscreants in Bajaur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Earlier in the month of September, another Lashkar commander Riyaz Ahmed was killed outside Al Qutus Mosque in Rawalakot, PoK.

Other enemies of India killed recently

India’s enemies are continuously being killed abroad. On October 10, the main operator of the fidayeen squad and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist Shahid Latif was also shot dead in Sialkot, Pakistan. He was responsible for the terrorist attack in Pathankot, India in 2016. Just about a month ago, another enemy of India, Mufti Qaiser Farooq, was also assassinated by unknown assailants in Pakistan. He was killed in Gulshan-e-Omar Madrasa. Lashkar’s Maulana Ziaur Rehman was also shot by the attackers in Karachi and taken to Allah. Whereas in the month of May, Khalistan Commando Force chief Paramjeet Singh Panjwar was shot by attackers during a morning walk in Lahore. He was killed near his home. Whereas in Canada, Khalistani terrorists Hardeep Singh Nijjar and Sukhdul Singh alias Sukkha Dunke were also killed by unknown assailants.

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