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Argentina’s President kissed his girlfriend in front of everyone, VIDEO went viral

Image Source : AP/FILE
Argentina’s new President Javier Miley kisses his girlfriend

Buenos Aires: Argentina’s new President Javier Miley is in the news. Although his being in the news is not a new thing, but due to the feat he has done on a public platform this time, he is going viral on social media. Actually, Miley kissed her girlfriend on the stage itself, seeing which even the people present on the spot were surprised.

Although Miley has kissed his girlfriend in public before also. When the voting for the post of President ended in November, he was seen in the same style.

Who is the President’s girlfriend?

President Miley’s girlfriend Fatima is a comedian and is quite famous. She has separated from her ex-husband and is currently in a relationship with President Miley. The love story of both of them started from Instagram. It started with a conversation, which later turned into a meeting.

What is the whole matter?

President Miley arrived at the new concert on Friday with his girlfriend Fatima Florez. The President smooched his girlfriend during the program. Whose video went viral on social media.

Surprisingly, Miley first gave a speech on stage, in which she told the people that difficult times were coming for Argentina and the country would have to move forward. After this he kissed his girlfriend in front of everyone.

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