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Bangladesh court grants bail to Nobel laureate, know what is the whole matter – India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner.

Dhaka : A Bangladesh court on Sunday granted bail to Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Along with this, the court has also agreed to hear the appeal filed against his sentence. This has brought great relief to Muhammad Yunus. Let us tell you that Yunus was sentenced to six months in jail for violating the labor laws of the country. Yunus filed a petition for bail in the court on Sunday morning, which was approved.

Yunus had introduced micro loans to help poor people, especially women. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2006 for his work. The 83-year-old Bangladeshi economist and three other telecom company executives were sentenced to six months in prison on January 1 for violating labor laws, but they were immediately granted 30-day bail to appeal the verdict and sentence. Went.

18 former employees of Telecom had filed a case

The court’s ruling on Sunday said the bail would remain in effect until a final decision on the appeal against the sentence. Defense lawyer Abdullah Al Mamun said the first hearing on the appeal would be held on March 3. In August 2023, 18 former employees of Grameen Telecom filed a case against Yunus, accusing him of usurping their job benefits. Grameen Telecom was founded by Yunus as a non-profit organization. (AP)

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