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“Benjamin Netanyahu is no different from Hitler”, know which Muslim leader said harsh words

Image Source: AP
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, a big reaction from a Muslim leader of a country has come to light regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This Muslim leader has compared Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler. After this statement came to light, Netanyahu became furious. This harsh comment has been made in the context of the ordinary Palestinians being killed in the rapid air and ground attacks by the Israeli army in Gaza. Let us tell you that in response to the attack by Hamas, the Israeli army has so far killed more than 20 thousand people in Gaza. This includes mostly Palestinian citizens.

Saddened by the havoc being wreaked by Israel on Gaza and the gruesome massacre of civilians, the Turkish President has called Netanyahu a Hitler. In remarks President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “no different from Hitler.” His reaction came while criticizing Israel over its war with Gaza. Erdogan has said that there is not much difference between Hitler and Netanyahu.

Türkiye is opposing the attack on Gaza

Türkiye has been opposing the Israeli attack on Gaza since the beginning. He has also repeatedly demanded immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip from organizations like the United Nations. Despite this, the series of deaths of civilians in Gaza is not showing any sign of stopping. Civilians, children, women and elderly people are being killed in large numbers in Gaza. Angered by this, Turkish President Erdogan has described Netanyahu as Hitler. This may also increase tension between Türkiye and Israel. However, Turkey and Israel are already at loggerheads over the Gaza war.

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