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Big announcement by British PM Rishi Sunak, orders given for strictness on protesters – India TV Hindi

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British PM Rishi Sunak

British PM Rishi Sunak: British PM Rishi Sunak has been in the news recently for his statements about racism. British Prime Minister of Indian origin Rishi Sunak has made a big announcement regarding taking strict action against the protesters in his country. He has clearly given such instructions so that strictness can be taken against the mobocracy i.e. the protesters. Due to this, the British Prime Minister has asked the police chiefs to be strict on ‘mob system’.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has asked the country’s police chiefs to use all their powers to ensure that demonstrations do not turn into mob tactics. The British Indian leader was speaking after a meeting at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s Office cum official residence, on Wednesday. During the meeting the minister and senior police chiefs agreed on a new democratic policing protocol.

Why did you announce strictness against the protesters?

The Prime Minister’s comments come after rising security concerns for British MPs and violence during a massive march in Britain over the Israel-Hamas conflict. Sunak said, ‘There is a growing consensus that mobocracy is replacing democratic governance. We collectively have to stop this immediately. He said that such violent and intimidating behavior cannot be allowed which aims to prevent free debate and elected representatives from doing their job.

Recently in news for his statement on racism

It is noteworthy that the British PM has been in the news recently due to his statement on racism. He had recently said that he felt racism in his childhood. His parents sent him to extra drama classes, so that he could ‘speak well’ like other children. Sunak had expressed his pain on a TV channel. He said that his parents were very conscious about his pronunciation. Along with this he said that racism in any form is completely unacceptable.

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