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Big news from Turkey, 7 people from American company taken hostage by two attackers – India TV Hindi

Image Source : FILE
7 American workers taken hostage in Türkiye.

American workers kidnapped in Turkey: Türkiye and America are friendly countries. Both countries also have a role in the military organization ‘NATO’. But anti-American sentiment is not less in Turkey. There is dissatisfaction in the Muslim country Turkey regarding America’s role in the war between Israel and Hamas. In such a situation, two unknown gunmen have kidnapped 7 employees of the American company present here at gunpoint. It is being told that this act was carried out by the gunmen due to dissatisfaction that America supports Israel which is fighting the war with Hamas.

Police released pictures of suspects

According to the information, two gunmen have taken seven people hostage in a factory owned by the American company Procter & Gamble located in the northwest of Turkey. Media gave this news. According to reports, it appears that the incident has been carried out due to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Turkish media released a photo of one of the alleged suspects entering the factory, showing him wearing an explosives belt and holding a hand grenade.

Roads around the factory sealed

According to private news agency DHA, the suspects entered the main building of the factory in Gebze, Kocaeli province, at 3 pm local time (about 5:30 pm IST) and took seven employees hostage. Police have sealed the roads around the factory.

attempt to negotiate with hostages

According to the information, she is trying to negotiate with her hostage takers. Procter & Gamble’s US headquarters in Cincinnati has confirmed the incident. A company spokesperson said the safety of the hostages is the first priority for it and its partners.

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