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Boeing cargo plane makes emergency landing in Miami after engine fire – India TV Hindi

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Emergency landing after engine fire

Flight Emergency Landing: Recently an aircraft engine caught fire in Japan. Once again a similar incident happened in Miami. According to reports, an Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Miami International Airport after one of its engines caught fire. Midway through the flight, flames were seen coming out of the left fan of the plane. The video of this incident has gone viral. In the video, it can be seen that fire is coming out of an engine of the Boeing plane immediately after taking off from Miami. This forced the plane to return to the airport for an emergency landing.

How many crew members were there in the plane, no information yet

Airport authorities told Reuters that no injuries were reported in the incident. It was not immediately clear how many crew members were on board. “We can confirm that Flight 5Y095, a cargo aircraft, has landed safely after experiencing engine failure shortly after departure from Miami International Airport,” Atlas Air said in a statement. The crew followed all standard procedures and returned to MIA safely.’ It will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the incident that occurred late Thursday night.

Engine of Korean plane caught fire due to bird collision

Earlier recently, the engine of a passenger plane caught fire after a bird collided with it in Japan. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this accident. This plane from South Korea with 122 passengers had to make an emergency landing. There was a case of bird collision in the plane during flight. Due to this a fire broke out. The engine of Teve Air flight Boeing 737.800 caught fire. Due to this fire, there was chaos among the 122 passengers sitting in it.

This plane was going to South Korea with 122 passengers. Then the bird hit his starboard side. After this the flight engine caught fire. This was Teve Air flight Boeing 737.800. Passengers faced a dangerous situation after the engine caught fire. It was fortunate that the emergency landing of the flight was done safely. During this time all the passengers were taken out safely. The pilot made an emergency landing of the flight instead of landing at Incheon Airport for the safety of passengers and crew members. The passengers on board the flight have described the scene of this incident.

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