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Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, know how the decision to release hostages was reached earlier also

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Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Israel Hamas War: It has been 47 days since the fierce war between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, there has been a ceasefire between the two. But this has been done temporarily only for 4 days. Hamas launched a major attack on Israel on October 7 and Hamas commandos took 240 hostages with them. Israel has been enraged since then. Israel is continuously attacking Gaza through air strikes and ground attacks. Meanwhile, a ceasefire has been reached with the mediation of Qatar and America. Under this, Hamas and Israel will release hostages and prisoners. Countries like Qatar and America were constantly putting pressure on this deal because their own people are also hostages of Hamas.

By the way, Israel has been quite generous with its hostages in the past too. He tried to get his people released at any cost. Hamas has a bad record. In 2006, Gaza militants captured an Israeli soldier Gilad Shelit and imprisoned him for five years. In return, his condition was that Israel should release 1027 Palestinian prisoners. These prisoners were of terrorist nature. After long negotiations, Israel finally accepted the conditions of Hamas and released the people. But most of them came out and started conspiring against Israel.

Hamas had even kept Israel’s dead body with itself.

In the year 2014, he killed Israeli soldiers and kept their bodies with himself. The family continued crying. Israel demanded his return several times, but Hamas refused to return him. Among the 50 hostages being released by Hamas are women and children. More than half of the hostages are from countries other than Israel or have dual citizenship. Three Americans and eight French citizens are being released. Hamas claimed that they were keeping the hostages in tunnels and safe places.

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