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Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will start from Friday, hostages will be released by late evening

Image Source: AP
Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Israeli Hamas: A ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and Hamas. After this Qatar has made a big announcement. Qatar has said that the ceasefire will start tomorrow i.e. Friday 24th November. The hostages will be released late in the evening. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al Ansari said, “The ceasefire will start at 7 am (local time) on Friday.” Then at four in the evening (local time) the hostages will be released. In this, 13 people including children and women will be released.

CNN quoted Majed Al Ansari as saying that the list of hostages to be released was handed over to Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad. With this, there will be a pause for the first time in the war that started between Israel and Hamas on October 7. Actually, under the agreement the ceasefire was to start from Thursday itself, but it could not happen.

What was the agreement?

Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day temporary ceasefire. Under the agreement, Hamas will release 50 hostages in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had said in a statement that 50 women and children held hostage in Gaza would be released in four days. There will be ceasefire during this period. The statement said that the ceasefire would be extended for the next day for every 10 additional hostages released.

Hamas had taken 240 people hostage

Hamas launched a major attack on Israel on October 7 and Hamas commandos took 240 hostages with them. Israel has been enraged since then. Israel is continuously attacking Gaza through air strikes and ground attacks. Meanwhile, a ceasefire has been reached with the mediation of Qatar and America. Under this, Hamas and Israel will release hostages and prisoners. Countries like Qatar and America were constantly putting pressure on this deal because their own people are also hostages of Hamas.

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