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Ceasefire ends in Gaza, Israeli army announces ‘going to start attacks again’

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ceasefire ends in Gaza

Israel Hamas War: The temporary ceasefire that was imposed after the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has ended on Friday morning. Israel’s army ‘IDF’ has said that they are planning to launch attacks again. The ceasefire was in place for 4 days. After this it was extended first for two days and then for one day. Under the ceasefire agreement, Israel and Hamas got time to exchange prisoners and hostages. This agreement was made with the mediation of Qatar and America. But as soon as the ceasefire period ends, the Israeli army has announced that it is going to attack Gaza again to break the back of Hamas.

The war which had temporarily stopped between Israel and Hamas has started again after the Israeli Army declared war. A temporary ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian extremist group Hamas ended on Friday. Qatar, the mediating country, has not given any information regarding extension of the temporary ceasefire. After this, the possibility of repeated attacks between the two sides has increased.

The ceasefire ended at 7 am on Friday

The ceasefire ended at 7am (5am IST) on Friday. This ceasefire started a week ago on 24 November. Initially it was for four days and then with the help of Qatar and fellow mediator Egypt it was extended for two days and then for one more day. Hamas and other groups in Gaza released more than 100 hostages during a week-long ceasefire.

Israel releases 240 Palestinians

Most of the hostages who were released were Israelis. In return, 240 Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons. The Israeli army has accused Hamas of violating the ceasefire. It has said that it started attacks after the ceasefire ended.

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