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Chaos again in the plane, passenger bites female crew member – India TV Hindi

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Chaos broke out again in the plane

Japan Flight News: Incidents of chaos in flights are continuously coming to light. This time the matter came on a flight from Japan to America. A passenger attacked a female crew member in an All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane. A drunken passenger bit a cabin attendant hard after an ANA flight took off on Tuesday evening, Airways said.

Seeing the situation after a female crew member was bitten by a drunken passenger on board the plane, the pilot turned the plane back towards Tokyo. The pilot had to turn the plane back across the Pacific to Haneda Airport. He was landed back in Tokyo. The accused person was handed over to the police at the airport. There were 159 passengers on board this plane.

55 year old passenger first made noise, then bit

According to the spokesperson, the 55-year-old American passenger, who was completely intoxicated, created this ruckus in the plane. He first made noise and when an attempt was made to stop him, he bit the crew member’s arm. He also suffered minor injuries due to this. The passenger said in front of the police that he did not remember anything about his behavior. He said that he does not care about the allegations against him and when he did this.

The accused was taken into custody

Police officials said that the accused passenger was taken into custody after the plane landed in Tokyo. The female crew member whose hand got injured due to its bite was sent for treatment. It has come to light that the passenger is an American. More information about the passenger has not been revealed.

Tokyo Police said this

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said it could not provide further information on the matter. The passengers on board the flight are expressing surprise at this incident. Let us tell you that last year also such activities had taken place on American Airlines flights. Earlier recently, a Japanese flight that was going to Korea had smoke coming out of its engine due to a bird strike, although the plane landed safely.

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