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China and Pakistan will be shocked, India will buy submarine worth Rs 45 thousand crore – India TV Hindi

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Submarine Deal with Germany: Amidst the increasing threat from both its neighboring enemy countries, India is continuously working on strengthening its defence. India is continuously increasing its arsenal of modern weapons. It is purchasing many weapons from abroad and developing many weapons and technologies in India itself. In recent times, China has been continuously increasing its interference in the Indian Ocean. In such a situation, India has made a big deal to deal with the threat of China. This deal is about dangerous submarines. This deal of submarines worth Rs 45 thousand crore will be a big blow to China and Pakistan.

India will purchase killer submarines worth a huge amount of Rs 45 thousand crore with the aim of increasing the security of its maritime borders and increasing its maritime power. For this, European country Germany has given a big offer to India. The German government has offered India a deal to purchase 6 state-of-the-art submarines between the two governments. Talks have taken place between India and Germany regarding this big deal. Along with Germany, another European country Spain also wants to sell submarines to India. These submarines are equipped with AIPs and will be able to remain hidden under the sea for long periods.

China’s increasing interference in the Indian Ocean

India has been trying to make a big deal for submarines for a long time amid the recent increasing strength of the navies of China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean and the malicious attempts by Chinese ships to spy on the strength of the Indian Navy.

Germany’s Defense Minister also took interest

Earlier, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had come to India in June 2023. During this period, there was open mobilization for the submarine. This submarine has been manufactured by German company TKMS. The Spanish company named ‘Nevantia’ has joined hands with India’s L&T company for the submarine deal. Germany’s Defense Minister has said that this submarine deal can prove to be a great project between the two countries. Technically, only the submarines of Germany and Spain have been found suitable for India’s Project P 75L.

Spain gave this offer to India

The German company had earlier held talks with L&T, but later joined hands with MDL. According to the information, Spain will make designs for India on the basis of its S80 class submarine. The S80 Submariner was first manufactured in the year 2021. It was handed over to the Spanish Navy in the year 2023. Offers from both Spain and Germany are still under consideration.

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