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China is furious, saying ‘If any country interferes in the internal affairs of Maldives…’

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Mohammed Moizzu and Xi Jinping.

China on India Maldives Row: Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu is on a visit to China. Here he met President Jinping. Moizzu, who has an anti-India stance, after meeting India’s enemy China’s President Jinping, talked about efforts to get more Chinese to come to Maldives for tourism. Meanwhile, China is taking advantage of the tension between India and Maldives. With his statement, he has added fuel to the fire of tension between Maldives and India. Pointing towards India, China said that ‘if anyone tries to interfere in the internal affairs of Maldives, it will oppose it.’

These days, Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu is on a tour of China. Here he met President Jinping. During this period, 20 important agreements were signed between the two countries. These also include tourism. After this meeting, a statement came regarding India, in which it was said that Maldives will not allow anti-China activities to happen in its country. Maldives will also follow the One China Policy.

China stands with Maldives

China’s official newspaper Global Times, quoting a joint statement issued between China and Maldives, said that China will strictly oppose foreign interference in the internal affairs of Maldives. Also will always stand for Maldives. Not only this, according to the report, China said that it will strongly support Maldives’ efforts to maintain national sovereignty and national dignity. Although there was no mention of India in this joint statement, the timing of this statement is such when there is tension between India and Maldives due to Moijju’s anti-India stance.

20 agreements signed between Maldives and China

Chinese President Xi Jinping held bilateral talks with his Maldives counterpart Mohammed Moizzu on Wednesday. The two countries signed 20 major agreements, including cooperation in the field of tourism, and announced the elevation of bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Blue-economy and Belt and Road Initiative are also included in the 20 agreements signed between China and Maldives.

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