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China scared of the world, increased defense budget, know how much more than India? – India TV Hindi

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China increased defense budget.

China Defense Budget: Be it America, India, Britain or the countries of the South China Sea, China has enmity with many countries of the world. He is also facing criticism from the world on Taiwan issue. For this reason China has increased its defense budget. This budget is more than three times that of India. According to media reports, India’s defense budget for the year 2024 is Rs 6,21,541 crore, which is around $74.8 billion in dollars. Whereas China’s budget for 2024 is around $232 billion. This shows how much he needs defense.

China is continuously increasing its defense budget and this year China has increased its defense budget the most in the last five years by 7.2 percent. With this increase, China’s defense budget has reached 1.67 trillion yuan i.e. (231 billion dollars) this year. This claim has been made in media reports on the basis of the annual report of China’s Finance Ministry. After America, China has the highest budget on defense. It is the second country to spend more.

Three times more than India’s budget

Amidst the tension between India and China on LAC, soldiers of both the countries have faced each other several times. In such a situation, China looks ahead of India in terms of defense budget. Chinese President Xi Jinping has set a target of 2027 to modernize his army PLA and this is also the reason for the increase in the budget.

There is dispute with many countries in the South China Sea

Besides, China is having disputes with many countries including Philippines and Japan in the South China Sea. At the same time, due to border dispute, China’s relations with India are also going through a bad phase. This is the reason why China is continuously modernizing its army. Especially China is investing a lot in its navy. Today China’s navy is the largest navy in the world in terms of ships. China is also building aircraft carriers and has established bases in many countries of the Indian Ocean.

America created ‘Quad’ organization

China’s defense budget is the highest in the world after America, but China is still far behind America. America’s defense budget last year was $886 billion. In view of the growing challenge from China, America is busy strengthening the armies of Australia and Britain. America has also formed ‘Quad’ group with India, Japan and Australia.

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