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​China, which gave Corona to the world, again warned, saying ‘Covid cases will increase again this month’

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Corona cases may increase in China in January

China Corona News: The situation is getting worse due to Corona in China. The Chinese government has warned that cases of corona infection may increase this month. This claim has been made by China’s government media. It has been reported that due to cold in China, the number of cases of respiratory diseases like Covid 10 may increase from this month. Although the cases of corona in China have been comparatively less since the New Year, but now the Chinese government has warned that the cases of corona infection may increase this month.

China’s National Health Commission spokesperson Mi Feng told the media that there are not so many fever patients in China’s hospitals right now. Yet the risk of COVID-related diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 still remains. Because of this, cases of Covid 19 may increase further. The Chinese government said that influenza infection in their country starts in October.

Cases increased by 57 percent in northern states

The southern provinces of the country have seen a 36.8 percent jump in influenza cases. At the same time, cases have increased by 57 percent in the northern states. The Chinese government says that in many cases it has been seen that patients who were infected with Influenza A virus were also infected with Influenza B virus. This means that their immunity was weakened by influenza infection. In such a situation, there is a possibility that people with weak immunity may also become victims of corona infection.

British media had warned about the bad situation of Corona in China

Recently, around Christmas, the British newspaper Daily Star had said in one of its reports that a large number of people are being killed in China due to the spread of this variant of Covid. Reportedly the death toll is so high that the crematoriums there have to work 24 hours a day. The World Health Organization has placed this new variant of Covid in the category of ‘Variant of Interest’ and said, ‘In recent days, we have seen that cases of JN.1 have been reported in many countries. It is spreading rapidly throughout the world. This variant is derived from Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2.86. It is growing so fast that we classify it as a new variant.

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