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China’s aggression not stopping in South China Sea, ships of Philippines stopped – India TV Hindi

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China’s bullying is not stopping in South China Sea

South China Sea: Some countries have the habit of bullying and later have to pay the price. China is also one such country. Because of this habit, China, which had become hostile to the world, had to increase its budget. Amidst these reports, China has once again shown arrogance in the South China Sea. Chinese coastguards have stopped Philippines ships. There is also news of minor clashes during this period.

Chinese coast guard ships on Tuesday intercepted Philippine ships off the coast of the disputed South China Sea. This led to a minor clash. Philippines Coast Guards spokesperson Commodore Jay Terriella said that Chinese ships carried out dangerous activities against two Philippines ships. This led to a collision between a ship of the Philippines Coast Guard and a ship of the Chinese Coast Guard.

News of damage to Philippines ship

The Philippines ship suffered minor damage. However, no further information is available in this regard. Terriola did not specify where the collision occurred, but the military had earlier said naval personnel would send supplies and military personnel to the Philippine-controlled Second Thomas Shoal. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea are expected to top the agenda for talks at this week’s summit between leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and their Australian counterparts.

There have been clashes between Philippines and Chinese ships before

Even before this, there have been minor skirmishes in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines, about three months ago.

China had sprayed water on the Philippines ship. After this the ship was hit. The collision with the Chinese ship caused serious damage to the engine of the Philippines ship. Even the lives of the Filipino crew were in danger. Not only this, China had also taken similar ‘action’ in the disputed area a day earlier.

America has been criticizing China’s actions

America has been criticizing China’s bullying in the South China Sea. China intimidates small countries by doing similar things, but when American ships enter the South China Sea, China’s arrogance loosens. He can only criticize in his heart of hearts.

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