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Complete plan of Kargil attack in 1999 came out, big revelation by former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif

Image Source : PTI
Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The complete plan of the Kargil war between India and Pakistan in 1999 has come to light. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has fully disclosed the Kargil Plan. Nawaz Sharif says that he was not in favor of Kargil attack. He did not want the Pakistani army to attack India. But he was ousted in 1999 for opposing the Kargil plan. The former Pakistan premier on Saturday said (late) General Pervez Musharraf had ousted him from the government in 1999 for protesting against the Kargil misadventure.

Nawaz said he had underlined the importance of having good relations with India and other neighbours. But Pervez Musharraf was intent on attacking Kargil at any cost. Nawaz said that I had opposed his plan. Sharif, who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan three times, said, when I had opposed the Kargil plan and said that it should not happen… then I (General Pervez Musharraf) had thrown me out. Later, what I said proved to be true.” Here he spoke to the contenders for his party’s ticket for the upcoming elections.

Nawaz said- I wanted good relations with India

The supreme leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said that being the Prime Minister, he was giving speeches on all three occasions, but did not know why he was sent packing. Nawaz asked, “I want to know why I was thrown out every time.” Sharif also talked about the visits of two Indian Prime Ministers to Pakistan when he was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Emphasizing on better relations with India and other neighboring countries, the former Prime Minister said, “We have worked on every front.

Mentioned about PM Modi and Bajpayee

Nawaz said that during my tenure as Prime Minister, two Indian Prime Ministers visited Pakistan. PM Modi and former Prime Minister Vajpayee Saheb had come to Lahore. Sharif said, “We have to improve our relations with India, Afghanistan and Iran. We need to build stronger relations with China.” He regretted that Pakistan has lagged behind its neighbors in terms of economic growth.

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