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Continuous attacks on Hindu temples in Australia, know what the country’s High Commissioner Philip Green said

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Murugan Temple of Australia

Australia on Hindu Temples: There are continuous attacks on Hindu temples in Australia. The Indian government has also expressed its concern to Australia on this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had expressed this concern to Australian PM Anthony Albanese, who came to India during the G20 Summit, and appealed for necessary action in this regard. Australian High Commissioner Philip Green’s statement has come on the attack on Hindu temple in Australia. Philip Green says, ‘We take the kind of actions you are talking about in relation to Hindu temples as seriously as we take any action in relation to any religious element in our society. Let’s take it. He said that we have a lot of experience in dealing with this. Our police and intelligence and different agencies and state authorities are focusing deeply on this.

Australia takes attacks on Hindu temples seriously

‘You’ve probably noticed that in our country, this hasn’t really turned into anything troubling or serious, and that’s not entirely a coincidence,’ Philip said. This is largely because we in government take it seriously and directly. We deal with the problems we find.” Attacks on Hindu temples have increased in Australia. The special thing is that recently, just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia, a big Hindu temple in Sydney was attacked. However. According to the Australian High Commissioner, they are working continuously to neutralize the attacks.

Said this regarding the attack on temples

Australia’s High Commissioner to India Philip Green arrived at the Asia Society Policy Institute in New Delhi on Wednesday. Here, while answering a question, he said that we take the attacks on Hindu temples seriously. On the question regarding the growing influence of Khalistan in Australia, Green said that we are with India on this issue. Australia is not saying this just because it is a partner of Five Eyes, but we are saying this as a friend. We respect India. Our relations are much stronger. We also raise concerns about sensitive issues behind our backs and try to resolve them by discussing them carefully.

Bilateral trade between India and Australia increased by 50 percent in 5 years

The Australian Ambassador further said that relations between India and Australia are at the highest level in their history. Despite this, I am here, not just to relax. I have come here to further strengthen relationships. When my Prime Minister sent me to India, he asked me to pay special attention to the strength of relations. We discuss in detail many issues including trade, commerce, Quad. Our business has grown by about 50 percent in the last five years. Last year itself we signed an economic cooperation and trade agreement.

Three attacks in January this year

On January 12, incidents of vandalism in Hindu temples came to light. Then anti-India slogans were also written on the walls of the temple. After this, on January 17, a similar incident happened in a Hindu temple. For the third time within 15 days, a temple was targeted in Victoria state of Australia. Anti-India slogans were written on the walls.

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