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Danger of a big war in the Middle East! Iran threatened America, took this big oath – India TV Hindi

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Iran threatened America

Iran on America: The Middle East has become a battlefield. The Gulf country is sitting on the ‘powder’ of war, where a small spark can cause a big war. The reason is that three American soldiers have died in the Jordan drone attack. Since then, America has become nervous and has warned of retaliatory attack. Meanwhile, Iran has given a threatening warning to America that America can go to war if it wants, they are not afraid of war.

According to the information received, Iran has warned not only America but the entire world that it is not afraid of war. This threatening statement from Iran has come when US President Joe Biden recently said that after the death of three American soldiers in a drone attack, a befitting retaliatory attack is being prepared. Major General Hossein Salmani, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), vowed on Wednesday that his country is not afraid of war. They will respond to any threat against them.

‘Don’t want war, but aren’t afraid of anyone’

The IRGC commander said, ‘We have heard threats from American officials that point towards Iran. We want to tell them that we have tried each other. He further said that ‘We do not leave any threat unanswered and we do not expect war. But we are not afraid of him. This is a universally accepted truth. The Pentagon is considering different options to respond to drone attacks on the US base in Jordan.

American soldiers died in direct firing for the first time

On the other hand, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that ‘We believe that the planning, resources and facilities for the attack in Jordan were created by a group called Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which includes several groups including Kata’ib Hezbollah.’ Kirby said it was the first time American soldiers have been killed by direct fire in the Middle East since the attack.

40 American soldiers were also injured in the attack

In addition to the three deaths, more than 40 American soldiers were injured, three of whom were transferred to a hospital in Germany for further treatment, while one remains in stable condition and one in critical condition. Kirby further said that the US is prepared to respond to the attack, with a counter-attack planned in several phases. “We will retaliate in our own time and at our own scheduled time,” he said.

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