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Deadly attack on Indian student in Chicago, America, Embassy assures help – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Deadly attack on Indian student in Chicago

America Gun Firing News: The incidents of shootings are not decreasing in America. In the latest case, an Indian student came under fire in America. An Indian student was fatally attacked in Chicago, America. The victim is an Indian student from Hyderabad, named Syed Mazahir. In this regard, the Indian Consulate has assured Ali and his family of all possible help.

The Indian Consulate in Chicago has said that it is in touch with the wife of the victim Syed Mazahir. After the incident of attack on the student, the Indian Consulate has also contacted the local authorities, these authorities are investigating the matter. The Indian Embassy posted on ‘X’ in this regard and said, ‘The Consulate General is in touch with Syed Mzahir Ali and his wife Syeda Ruqaiya Fatima Rizvi in ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia. We have assured all possible help.

The attackers chased first

The video of this deadly attack on an Indian student has also surfaced on social media. In this, injured Ali is telling about this fatal attack on him. Blood is seen flowing from his body. In another video shared on social media, three attackers are seen chasing Ali on the streets of Chicago. In another video, Chicago police have not issued any statement on the incident.

Attacks on Indian origin students increased

Even the government and administration are not able to stop the incidents of firing in America. Even President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have expressed concern over such incidents, but have not been able to find any solution. Meanwhile, incidents of attacks on students of Indian origin have also increased. Last week, an Indian student named Shreyas Shreyas Reddy had died suspiciously in Cincinnati, Ohio state of America. The cause of his death has not been clear yet. Even before this, two Indian students had died.

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