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Dictator Kim Jong got an heir, 10 year old daughter will become the new king! South Korea’s big claim

Image Source: AP
Kim Jong with daughter

North Korea: The whole world is troubled by North Korean dictator Kim Jong. He threatens to use nuclear weapons every now and then. Sometimes it tests nuclear missiles, and sometimes surprises the whole world by releasing spy satellites. South Korea, Japan and America are troubled by Kim Jong’s actions. Amidst all this, South Korea has made a big claim that Kim Jong’s younger daughter can be his successor.

South Korea’s intelligence agency has expressed the possibility of this.

Kim Jong’s younger daughter is Kim Ju A, who is only 10 years old. She was seen in public for the first time in November 2022, when she watched a long-range missile test with her father. Since then, Joo A has been continuously attending public events with her father. The way her presence in public programs has increased in the last one year has intensified the hope that she could be Kim Jong-un’s successor. South Korea’s intelligence agency is claiming the same thing.

very close to father

Korean media consistently call him Kim’s favorite child. There are many photos and footage in the Korean media proving his rising political prestige and closeness to his father.
Kim Jong’s younger daughter Kim Ju A is closer to her father, this is often seen during public events. In September itself, when she was clapping in the VIP stand during the military parade, a general was seen sitting on his knees and whispering something in her ear.

Daughter also went to Air Force Headquarters with father Kim Jong in November

In November, Xu A also visited the Air Force Headquarters with his father. In this, she gets her picture taken while standing in front of her father. They are discussed more because most of these pictures are such that they cannot be imagined in North Korea.

Kim is looking for a successor

The National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s main intelligence agency, said Thursday it sees Kim Ju Ae as a potential successor to her father. This possibility has increased due to his public activities and the protocols provided to him. The NIS public affairs office told the AP that the North Korean dictator is considering all options regarding the succession process to avoid any trouble when the time comes. North Korea’s state media has not yet commented directly on the succession plan.

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